Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is auto sexing bird

Can you sexing little chicken or chick? I am sure you can do that. Even an animal husbandry student will be difficult to sexing the chick. Only the expert can do that. They hold the chicken and open the cloaca. They know whether the chicken male or female by seeing the cloaca. It is not an easy jobs. Some breeder dare to pay high for the experts.
Sometimes sexing the chicken waste the company times. That is why they produce auto sexing breed. The breeder company cross the chicken with other chicken that bear different color chicken. We can recognize the male chicken or female chicken with the color.
The first autosexing is Rhodes Island Red with Light Sussex that bear light male chick and Red female chick.
We know the cream legged is auto sexing breed too. The breeder cross 
The United States also develop auto sexing pigeon. They cross some Pigeon breed that is called Auto Sexing King. The pigeon is raise for utility.
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