Friday, July 9, 2010

How to raise Poults or baby Turkey

Raising poult is profitable and fast. In four month, you can get at least three kilos Turkey. To get heavy turkey, you can care it longer. You can eat it or sell it. Raising this bird is not different with chicken.

First, you need a broader cage for the poults. The poult can use this cage up to two weeks. Than, you can remove the poults to common turkey pen. To make the chicken warm, you should add light. Fits the light with the weather. If the weather cold, you should use hotter light. Maintenance the temperature inside the cage aroun 90 degree Fahreinheit. Put pine straw below the brooder to keep the chick warm.

Feed the poulth with starter for game bird turkey. In my country, a farmer just used the factory chicken food. He mis the factory with seed like red rice, corn, and other seed. They need at least 28% protein. This is the great  

You can care the bird outside the cage or backyard. Let the bird eat at pasteur. They may eat grass, insect, worm and others. Fence your backyard, so they will not run. Some turkey can fly. You need to build the fence.  

Put the waterer inside the pen. Water is very essential for the poult. Keep the waterer clean. Put marble to waterer and feederer to attract the bird to drink and eat. Purchase those tools at farming supply store.

You should often check the pen. Perhaps the chicken get trouble with the feeder or waterer. You can improve those tools.

Clean the cage periodically. Use disinfectant if necessary. Do not let the cage dirty and stinky. The bird will sick if you let the pen dirty.

Vaccine the bird to protect from dangerous disease such as Newcastle Disease (ND) and Avian Flu (AI).

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