Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chicken Feed Types

To support chicken live, the flock owner should provide chicken feed. The chicken can convert the chicken feed to delicious meat and eggs. If the owner feed few chicken feeds, the chicken will be thin or stop to lay the eggs.

We can feed our chicken with commercial chicken feed or organic chicken feed. Most chicken is easy eaters. They can eat anything. Here is the list of chicken food:

Pellet is the most common chicken feed. It consist corn, paddy, wheat, grit, concentrate, and other. The mix depend on the mixer appetite.

Almost similar with pellet but it is not shape as pellet. The farmer mixes the chicken feed that similar to pellet ingredients.

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Chicken Scratch
Chicken scratch consist the whole of grain. The farmer mixes the grain to fulfill the chicken need.
Grain or seed
Chicken feed is included cereal or legume such as wheat, corn, paddy, sunflower seed, barley, sorghum, soybean, mung bean, peanut, and more.
Insect is the chicken feed too. It is important to fulfill the protein need. Some chicken can find the insect like cricket, cockroach, dragon fly, and others.

Most chicken likes grass and vegetable. They can control the grass or weed in your backyard. If you have left-over from your salad or vegetable, you can feed them with salad.

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