Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Schweizer Chicken, The Swiss Chicken

Swiss also has chicken breed that is called Schweizer Chicken. Schweizer is German language for Swiss. The bird was established at German-speaking area in Swiss at 1910.
The chicken is heavy. The rooster weighs 2.8 - 3.5 kilogram and the hen weighs 2.4-2.8 kilogram. The hen play 170-200 eggs a year. The egg is big enough, weighing 55 gram.
It is white snow in color. The shank is white pinkish. The plumage is thick. The sickle feather is perfecly curved.
It is a descendant of Wyandotte and Orpington Chicken. The Swiss rarely we found today. People may prefer other chicken breed than the Swiss.
The comb is big pea. Below the beak, it has double red blood wattles. The beak is horn in color.
The performance is almost similar to Orpington. It has round body.
Due its weighs and its egg production, this chicken is dual purpose chicken.
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