Sunday, September 18, 2011

Famous Spanish Chicken

In Spanish, they have domesticated Mediterranean class chicken. There are dozen domesticated Spanish chicken. In this post I just explain five kind of Spanish chicken such as Minorca, Blue Andalusian, White Faced Black Spanish, Catalan and Castilians.
Mediterranean class is different from American class, the Mediterranean has slim body. It is lighter than American class but it is heavier than Italian class. The shank and the feet is clean and there is no feather. They have four toes (three in front and one in back). Most chicken has red blood single comb with double witted. The earlobes are white chalk color. They lay white eggs like other Mediterranean class. The feather is closely related.

1. Minorca
Minorca is the heaviest chicken breed. The cock weighs 9 pounds; while, the hen is 7 pounds. This chicken is big as Rhode Island Red. It is Black in color or dark blue. There are also variety colors such as buff and white. It is good for meat and eggs too. Its egg is white in color.

2. Andalusians or Blue Andalusians
As its guest name the chicken origin is Andalusíans in Spain. The hen can lay up to 160 eggs a year so it is good enough for chicken layer too. The blue Andalusíans have been recognized by American Poultry Association.

3. Catalana
Catalana is a Mediterranean Chicken breed from Catalonia. The color is Buff golden. It is dual purpose chicken so you can raise it for its meat or eggs.

4. Castlians
It is also called Moor chicken because The North African Muslim Moor introduced the chicken for the first time. It origin may North African. This breed has not been recognized as a breed. It is white and black in color. Castilians is the ancestor of Minorca.

5. White-Faced Black Spanish
It is black color. The face is white like a clown that is why people call it as clown chicken. It has been recognized by American Poultry Association. The performance is almost similar with Minorca. The cock weighs 6-7 pounds. The hen can lay 150-180 eggs in a year.

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