Sunday, November 29, 2015

Barne Halfback

As guest its name the bird comes from the Bern, Switzerland. The bird comes from the city and the canton of Bern. Though it comes from Swiss, but it is not similar to other Swiss pigeon because the body of the halfback is bigger than other Swiss pigeon. The origin of the bird IS Turkish. Turkish Ottoman that region was not far from the East because The Turkish region included the Balkan region.
The Halfback head is round and it is different to most Swiss Pigeon. They have orange eye that is surrounded by red eye cere. The beak is big and it is black and pale in color.
The Berne is a good flyer but the hobbyist keeps it as show bird. The bird has beautiful plumage color. Only two variation color that is admitted; either red-white or black-white.The head color is solid black with some little white spots.
This species is endangered and it is not famous like other fancy pigeon.   

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saxon Field Pigeon

Saxon is one of show pigeon though it is not famous as fancy pigeon. The Saxon has beautiful plumage which is thick that is good for the cold climate. There are feathered on the legs that is called muff. That makes the bird different from others pigeon.
There is some variation of the Saxon field pigeon such as Saxon breast pigeon, Saxon monk, Saxon white tail, Saxon priest, Saxon spot and Saxon reverse wing.

The performance of the bird is similar to its ancestor rock doves except its muff. There is some variation color such as: Black with bars. This bird has black color and two strip bars at the each wing. The neck color is black greenish.
There is yellow with white bars. This bird has yellow color and two strip bars at the each wing. There are blue with black bars, ash blue that similar to blue with black bar, Meil and Ash Red.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Is Pigeon Need to Bath?

My friend used to bath his pigeon very morning. He said that bathing the pigeon can help the pigeon remember its house. I cannot believe it.  In the wild pigeon did not bath. They just use sand to clean its plumage.
Bathing can clean the plumage and it may kill the mite or the diseases. It is not difficult to bath the pigeon. We just spray the bath and scrub the plumage with our hand.  Do not forget to scrub the armpit that mite often hide behind it. After that you can hang the bird so it get the sun light.