Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to attract pigeon to your pigeon house

To raise your pigeon, you can attract other pigeon to your house pigeon. There are enormous pigeon at your environment. They may prefer to stay at your pigeon house if there is a room and enough food.
We can raise the pigeon in short time by inviting some wild pigeon. It is cheaper than buying a new pigeon. Here are the steps to do it:

1. Build a pigeon house with so many rooms. The loss bird may stay at the empty room.

2. Release your pigeon at somewhere. They may attract wild pigeon to stay at your pigeon house. Your pigeon is your sales marketing that promotes your pigeon house.

3. Build a comfort sanctuary for the pigeon. Feed the pigeon enough or they will leave your pigeon house.  Do not make loud noise near the pigeon. They will run from your house soon. 
Some highflier may stay at your cage. In my country, the high flier often mad to the pigeon house owner because their bird perch on the house. The high flier owners often revenge to the pigeon house owner. Sometimes they throw pigeon head to expel all pigeon. They hope the pigeon run from the house. My neighbors have thrown the pigeon head to the pigeon, but the pigeon is still there.
He tried to stealth some eggs. The bird was still in there. It is difficult to expel those birds.

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  1. Feed them enough and let them gaze around your pigeon house. Let them fly.It's good exercise and pigeons usually comes back to their house.

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  2. I usually ask my friends about this and all they say is just let them graze in your pigeon house. I don't know if it will really work but I guess it's worth a try.

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  3. In area many many people growth pegion my pegion mekel them how to train not go to other pegion

    1. yes , in my country people also do like it but when you forget to feed them they will fly away