Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to Sexing Pigeon

Some pigeon lover are often confused to sexing the bird. Both Male or female has similar color. For the experts, sexing the bird is not difficult. Here are some ways to identify whether pigeon is male or female:

Photo By : Swarni Stern
1. The male is usually bigger than the female. It has bigger neck, body, and feet.

2. The voice of male is loud than the female. The male often sing and bow his head to seduce the female. The female often shake the wing that sign she is attractive.

3. The head of the male is usually bigger than the female.

4. The male feather is more beautiful than the female. Most female has dull color. The neck feather has shine color.

5. The female throat can fan while he sing to the female.

6. The V bones of the female is wide, while the male is narrow. This is not easy to sexing with this.

Perhaps you have a tips to differentiate the pigeon sex.

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