Friday, July 22, 2011

Fantail pigeon: The most famous fancy pigeon in the world

 The fan-shaped tail at the back of the bird, makes this bird different with other fancy pigeon or pigeon. It has 40 sheet tail feather; while, the other pigeon just has dozen tail feather. In my opinion this bird has similar shape tail with chicken hen.

Photo by : Awayukin

I have ever fan the rock pigeon. I thought the tail will grows like the fantail. I was wrong. We cannot make rock pigeon tail like the fantail pigeon due it has fewer tail feather.

The head is round and the beak is long and curve at the edge. The color of beak is pink for white fantail pigeon and black for blue pigeon. There is small nose upper the beak. The feather is thick that covers from head to the feet while the toes has no feather. As common pigeon, it has red blood feet.

The feather color of fantail is white. The fantail also appears in blue, saddle, brown, black, black-white, and others.

This bird origin is India. The bird was found in 16 centuries. The fantail is a genetic mutation of the rock pigeon. British people brought the bird to their homeland at 1889. India was the British colony at that time.

British has developed the fantail pigeon at their land that is called British fantail. United States also developed the fantail that produce American Fantail pigeon. Thailand also has the fantail that is called Thai fantail pigeon.

Fantail is very docile pigeon. We can raise it as the fancy pigeon only due its unique tail and beautiful feather. The bird has no ability to fly high or fast like racing pigeon.

We can raise the bird at the backyard or loft. Build a pigeon house for some fantail couple. They will breed on your pigeon house. Provide the feeder or waterer at your backyard. Do not forget to provide a water basin for bathing. This bird like bath to bath.

If you have small backyard, you have better to provide pigeon loft for a couple only. Provide small feeder or waterer inside the loft. There are various loft from various material such as stainless steel, wood, and bamboo. A couple bird must need a nest box that you can place at the corner of the loft.

Fantail has various diet such as seed, grain, fruit, and vegetable. Some people said they like lettuce. Perhaps I will feed them with lettuce someday.
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