Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newcastle disease could kill all poultry population in an area

Newcastle Disease is an avian harmful diseases that could kill avian. This diaseas has been foudn in Newcastle, United Kingdom in 1926, As where is gets name.
This disease is seriously danger for poultry industry. It could kill all poultry population in an area. The scientist has not yet find the medicine for this disease; however, some there is ND vaccine that can protects poultry from ND. 
The virus can be spread from air, water, poultry feed, Chicken sick, chicken sick's manure, human, wild bird and others. Human may not bring ND diseases but their body, cloth, and shoes may bring the virus from other area; therefore, the owner should protect the flock are from other people. If they want enter the flock, they should wash their hand and feet.
The owner should keep the flock clean. They need to wash the flock routinely.
The sign of the chicken which get this diseases is uncretain. The symptoms is similar to other diseses's symptom. The Bird or Chicken that got sick is very difficult to breath (coughing and gasping). Some chicken show nervous sign such as depression, twisted neck, paralysis, musculars tremors, dropping wings, paralysis, circling,
To overcome this diseases, the farmer can prevent with ND vaccine. They should remove any suspected ND Poutry from the flock so they cannot infect other chicken.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laughing Rooster: The rooster that really laughs

This is an Indonesian landrace chicken that has unique crows. The chicken sound similar to laughing. This chicken origin is Celebs Island, Indonesia but this chicken has been spreaded to Indonesia. There are three kind of Laughing Rooster types i.e: dangdut (Indonesian music gene), slow dangdut, and popular gene. The most favorite laughing rooster is slow dangdut. This chicken is called Ayam Ketawa or Ayam Gaga in Indonesia.

This chicken is not different with other Indonesia native chicken. The production of eggs is only 60 per years. The hen goes broody like other native chicken. The body is tall and slender. The neck and the shank are longer than American chicken breed. It has red single wide comb. The hen has smaller comb. There are two wattles below the beak and red earlobes near behind the eye.
In Celebes or Java, The hobbyist often organizes a laughing chicken contest. The winner will get trophy and certificate. The winner chicken prices worth hundreds or thousands dollar.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Serama Contest : Find The Smallest, The most Arrogant, and he Most Beautiful Feather

In Indonesia, the hobbyist often organize Serama contest to find Serama championship. This contest has aim to introduce this Malayan bantam to the society.
Serama judges base on three category i.e. the body weight, feathers, and the wide of breast.
The Serama should have beautiful and shining feathers. I think this is the subjective judge because we have different opinion about beautiful feather. Some judge thinks that the white is the most beautiful feather but some judge think that the white is bad feather.
The judge gives high mark for Serama that has small size. The weight of Serama contest is not more than 22.5 oz. This judge is objective than other criteria.

Last criteria is the wide of the breast. The chicken should puff out the chest like arrogant. That is why Indonesian people call it arrogant chicken. 
A serama price is only $200 but when its get the championship the price is $ 6,000. To be honest I will not buy the expensive chicken. I could get this chicken for $25 from the farmer.

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Photo by : Isyamuddin

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ancona duck : The English Duck that is good for backyard

Ancona is a great duck which weighs 7 lbs and 6 lbs. This duck were originated in English in 18th century. This duck is a rare duck breed.

The duck is almost similar to Indian runner duck. It has S shape middle neck. The bill is medium in size and is yellow in color. The feet are yellow or yellow speckle in color.  The dominant color of the duck is white. Most duck has dark spot or spangles. They have color combination blue-white, brown-white, and, black-white.

This duck is a dual purpose duck that produce either meat or eggs. The hen lays 210 to 280 eggs in a year. This duck is productive like Indian runner duck. Some Ancona duck lays blue eggs like Indian runner but some Ancona also lays tinted eggs.

Ancona is good for your backyard due this duck like to eat grass and weed
Photo by : Soapdishwater
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