Tuesday, July 19, 2011

English Carrier : A Retiree of Racing pigeon

Photo by : jim.gifford
As guess its name the pigeon is a carrier pigeon that comes from English. The Bird has a good reputation in carrying message to the owner. Unfortunately, this bird has retired as a pigeon carrier and racing bird. The hobbyist raise the bird for exhibition only. The successor of the English carrier is shorter and fatter and has ability to fly faster. The successor is racing pigeon such as dragoon and homer. Perhaps the English carrier is slower due its long body. It is also difficult for the carrier to run from the predator such as peregrine falcon or sparrow hawk.

The Carrier had good reputation in World War II. Alliance forces used the carrier to carry secret messages. Sending message on pigeon was safer than sending message on radio. The enemy could not detect through radio. Some carrier also participated on great invasion D day.

Around centuries ago, Tipu Sultan the leader of Islamic Indian Mysore Kingdom use carrier to send the message. The stronghold has so many pigeon holes as their nest. Along time ago, Egypt people and Persian people has used carrier pigeon.

English carrier pigeon is descendant of Persian wattles pigeon. The Carrier has wattles at the nose and upper the bill. The wattles also surround the eye. The wattle grows until the pigeon old. The young pigeon has smaller wattles than the old. The old pigeon wattles is wrinkled. The bill of the carrier is bigger than rock pigeon. The bill is straight and sharp. The bill is black or pink in color. The eye looks big and surround by its orange wattles. The wattle in the bill is pink in color, while, the older pigeon has iridescent pink wattles.The eye is yellow in color.

The pigeon looks thin. It has slender and long body. It is 18 inches in long. It is taller than bantam chicken. The neck is long like a flamingo bird. The feet is also longer than common pigeon. There is no feather in the feet. That is why the pigeon looks thin. This pigeon is also freak in my opinion due it is different to the ancestor.

The hobbyist who want raise this bird should provide the large loft. You cannot use common pigeon loft for this long pigeon.

English carrier appears in various color such as white, black, dun, blue, white black speckled, red, and other.
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