Monday, July 4, 2011

Five Famous Domesticated Geese

People has domesticated goose or thousand year ago. This tame animal give benefit to the people i.e the delicious meat and eggs. The Goose is a watchdog too. It can alert us if someone intrude our house. With human care, the bird are protected from predator and bad weather.

The domesticated is more useful than the wild. They produce more eggs and meat. Some region also organize goose exhibition to find the heaviest goose. The domesticated is heaver than the wild. It because human selective to raise the best goose only. There are dozen of domesticated goose. I just explain five famous domesticated goose, like:

photo by: Luciano Guelfi
Chinese Goose
Chinese goose is domesticated goose from China. This is the smallest domesticated goose which is also called Chinese swan. The neck is longer than other goose. The special characteristics of the goose is knob at upper head. Only male has the Knob.

Embden Goose
Embden Goose is a Northern Europe domesticated Goose. Unlike the Chinese, Both gander (male goose) and goose (female goose) has no knob. The color of Embden is cotton white.

African Goose
African goose is similar with Chinese Goose. The color of this bird is white, brown and buff. It gander has knob too upper the beak. The body is more slender than Chinese Goose.

Pilgrim Goose
Pilgrim Goose is domesticated from Europe too. The sexing of this bird is very easy because the color gander and goose is different. The male color is white, meanwhile the female is brown.

Toulouse Goose
The Goose come from Toulouse, French. The color is gray. The special characteristics of the bird is plumage below the beak. This is the most productive egg layer. It can lay up to 160 eggs in a year. This is the progeny goose

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