Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Orloff chicken : Chicken From Russia

Orloff chicken is a Russian chicken that first appeared in Persian or Iran. This chicken is also called Russian Orloff or Simple Russian. This chicken was exported to British in 1920. This is a medium chicken type which weighs 8 pounds (3.6 kg) and hen weighs 6 pounds (3.6 kg). This chicken is suitable for meat production and ornamental bird. This bird has beautiful color such as black, cuckoo, spangled, mahogany, white, and red tail black.

This chicken looks like game bird. In 1925, German has succeeded to breed bantam version of this chicken. The head is small relative to its body. It has small walnut comb, small earlobes, and minicules wattles. This bird is good for pet due to its calm.

Photo by : gina pina

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to feed peacock

Peacock can live at your backyard as long you can provide comfort place and food. It is not difficult to feed the beautiful bird with long train. As a common fowl, the bird is omnivore so they can eat both meaty and vegetable.
In their habitat, this bird eats seed, grain, fruit, weed, grass, worm, lizards, snake, and more. In India, this bird eat very poisonous cobra snake. They can hit the cobra with their sharp beak. That is why Indian people do not want to catch or kill the bird. They let the bird at the backyard to control snake population.

Here are the steps to feed peacock.

1. Provide the federer and waterer inside the flock. You will need a wide federer or waterer like Turkey federer or waterer so the bird can eat from it.

2. Buy the game bird food for peacock at pet shop or online shop. You can also feed the peacock with other poultry food.

3. Give them some cracked corn and wheat. Perhaps they like those foods.

4. Fulfill the waterer with fresh water.

5. Give some green food such as vegetable and grass to this bird. In nature, they eat weed and grass.

6. This bird need calcium too so you can give them grit or mineral block.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to raise peacock

Peacock is a beautiful green bird. This is a famous pet bird too. Some people are successful to raise this bird at their backyard. They raise the bird as a game bird. Some farmer also sells the beautiful feather.

To raise this bird, you can do like this:

1. Prepare a comfort flock for this bird. Provide large enough coop for this bird. The bird also needs space to roam.

2. Do not forget to put waterer and federer inside the coop and flock.

3. Feed the bird with game bird pellet or other poultry feed. You can also give them cracked corn and meat. Like other fowl, peacock also like green and chopped vegetables.

4. Clean the flock periodically.

Before raise this bird, you should consider:
1. The area should be large. A peacock needs larger spaces than a peahen due to its long tail. A narrow space can damage the long beautiful tail.
2. The peacock fowl should be far from noisy. This bird is anxious and is easy to stress.

source: infomatigue

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to select hatch egg

If you want to care chicken, you can hatch the egg chicken. Put some eggs in incubator for 21 days or three weeks and you will get some chick. Hatching eggs is cheaper than buying chick or chicken but you should work hard to hatch it.
Hatching egg is not easy especially for common people. They often face with fail. The egg will not hatching after 21 years weather the incubator work well. One factor of
The fail of hatching is the egg. The hatchery cannot select the good hatching eggs.

Therefore, a hatchery supposedly selects the good eggs for hatching. You can follow these steps:

1. The egg should be clean from manure

2. The egg should be oval round in shape. Do not select round egg or very oval egg. It is not good

3. The egg is not old than seven days or a week.

4. Be sure the egg come from a credible farmer.

5. The weight should be normal. The chicken eight weights depend on the breed or strain, ranging 25 gram to 60 gram.

6. The egg shield should be good. Check the egg shield of chicken first. Be sure there is no a crack at the egg shield. A disease or bacteria can enter through small crack and kill the chicken embryo.

7. Be sure that you hatch the right breed. For example, you want to hatch layer eggs so you should be sure the egg come from layer egg breed.

8. Be sure the eggs fertile. Ask the farmer whether the egg or fertile or not.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Marek's Disease or Paralaysis Disease, Kill Broiller fast

Marek's disease is the most dangerous disease for broiler farmer. This disease infects the chicken under 16 week’s age. Until now, there has yet no medicine for this disease. This medicine spread from saliva or respiratory system. The disease is easy to spread at a cage. It could kill all chicken in cage.

This disease caused by a herpes virus. It attacks the chicken nerve system.

The chicken that is infected by the virus will suffer paralysis. The chicken may die soon because they cannot reach the food and water. Some chicken that get acute Marek’s may not shown paralysis sign.

To prevent your chicken from Marek’s disease, you should clean the cage periodically. Remove the Marek's suspected chicken and you should eliminate it.

There are some signs that you can detect, such as:

  1. Vision impairment
  2. Loss of weight
  3. Grey iris or irregular pupil
  4. Paralysis of legs, weight, and neck
  5. Skin around feather follicles raised and roughened.

Friday, November 5, 2010

How to save chicken eggs for hatching

Before a chicken hatch the eggs, they should lay all the eggs first. A hen can lays 15 eggs in a period. I always keep the egg before the chicken lay egg. It is too risky to let the chicken at the nest. The hen may break the eggs or other chicken may break the eggs. Therefore, you need to save the eggs before hatching it.

You can do like this:

1. Collect the eggs everyday in morning early. You can feed them the chicken so the hen can leave the nest. Take the egg when the hen eats the feed.

2. Clean the eggs with soft cloth gently. Do not break the egg shield. 

3. Save the eggs at dry and safe place. You can use egg carton to save the eggs.

Notice: You can save the eggs for 7 days. Do not save the eggs for more than seven days because the egg will be not hatched.
photo by: grendelkhan

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