Monday, July 25, 2011

Green Java Peacock : The East Java mascot bird

Java Green Peacock (Pavo Muticuus) is a beautiful bird in the world. They are found in East Java Savanna. Green peacock is also found in Myanmar and Malaysia Peninsula. Java Peacock has beautiful green light plumage and it is different with Indian and Chinese peacock which has blue plumage.

Photo by: orin Zebest
The Java has longer neck, longer legs, longer crest and slender body than other peacock. Peacock use its long legs to expel the predator like snake.The color of the bird is green hence with its name; meanwhile the female color is dull green-grey. The neck plumage is golden green. The train tail is very beautiful. The cock exhibit or fan the train tail like fan to attract the hen. The train pattern like green eyes. That is why only beautiful color male can get the hen.

If you want care it, you need to build a large pen. The bird need at least 400 square feet. Provide them with shelter that keep them from rain and sunny.

The male length is 3 meters including train plumage, weight five kg (11 lbs). The female is 1.1 meter, weight three kilogram (6 lbs). The hen can lay 4-8 eggs a season. Only the hen incubate the eggs for 26 days.

The male often repeated a loud call ki-wao; meanwhile the female has call aow-aa.

They are found in savanna. It lives with Java wild bull (Boss Javanicus). It finds food at it like grain, grass edge, fruit, and insect.

This species is endangered species and protected by Indonesian law because the number of species is becoming rarely. The IUCN also lists this species including as vulnerable to extinction. Indonesian government built Meru Betiri National Park In East Java for Peacock and wild bull habitat. We can watch the bird play in savanna. People hunts this bird for meat and beautiful plumage. The plumage is traded at market.

Rarely we find the breeder raise the bird in Indonesia. It because the fowl is so expensive. On the other hand, American is success to breed this bird.

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