Friday, November 5, 2010

How to save chicken eggs for hatching

Before a chicken hatch the eggs, they should lay all the eggs first. A hen can lays 15 eggs in a period. I always keep the egg before the chicken lay egg. It is too risky to let the chicken at the nest. The hen may break the eggs or other chicken may break the eggs. Therefore, you need to save the eggs before hatching it.

You can do like this:

1. Collect the eggs everyday in morning early. You can feed them the chicken so the hen can leave the nest. Take the egg when the hen eats the feed.

2. Clean the eggs with soft cloth gently. Do not break the egg shield. 

3. Save the eggs at dry and safe place. You can use egg carton to save the eggs.

Notice: You can save the eggs for 7 days. Do not save the eggs for more than seven days because the egg will be not hatched.
photo by: grendelkhan

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