Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to hatch chicken eggs in incubator

Some hen has no ability to hatch their own eggs such Sebright Bantam or Polish. Therefore, you can hatch the eggs with incubator. This tool can hatch many eggs.
Most farm use this tool because it is very efficient. The hen doe not need to hatch and broody the chick. The hen can lay again and produce more eggs.

If you want use machine for hatching chicken eggs, you can do like this.

1. Provide the incubator. There are two kids of incubator machine such as still-air incubator and forced-air incubator. Forced-air incubator can hatch many eggs; on the other hen, the still-air just hatch fewer eggs. Most chicken farm use forced air incubator. Be sure the incubator is clean. You can clean the incubator after it has been used.
2. Turn on the incubator for 24 hours. You can check the temperature and the humidity. Set the temperature 102 degree Fahrenheit if you use still-air incubator. For forced-air incubator, set the temperature 100 degree Fahrenheit.
3. Put the eggs in incubator. Be sure you put fertile eggs in the incubator. It is better to put mid size eggs. You can get the eggs at poultry farming. Alternatively, you can buy it through Amazon. There are some
4. Turn about a half the eggs. You can do this for four or six times a day. Turning the eggs is important so all of chicken eggs can get the heat. You can sign the egg shields with pencil so you will not forget to turn the eggs. Some modern incubator can turn the eggs especially the huge incubator. If the hen hatches the egg, they often turn the eggs warm.
5. Set the humidity to 45%-55%. Increase when the chicken starts to hatch or nearly hatch. The humidity is important for the chicken. The lower or higher humidity can cause the eggs fail to hatch.
6. When the egg shield broken, you should wait the chicken to hatch. Do not assist them by opening the shield.
7. Let the chicken stay one day in incubator. After 24 hours, you can remove the chicks to brooder cage.

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