Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Broiler Chicken : provide chicken meat in 60 days

Broiler is the chicken raised for meat production. The chicken growth is very fast. Most farmers use this commercial chicken. The broiler has been developed from Cornish rock or Cornish chicken which has wide breast. The breeder tries hard to find efficient broiler that can convert the feed efficient. The aim is to raise the farmer benefit. With high conversion rate, the farmer can retrench the feed.
The feed of the broiler is commercial food from feed mill. The commercial food contains seed, grain, concentrate, vitamin, mineral, and others. Some food contain hazardous chemical like hormone that can disturb the people who eat the meat. To produce organic chicken, some farmer buys the organic chicken feed or they mix the natural chicken feed. The farmer also raises the chicken above the grassland or pasture. The meat of broiler in pasture is more health than common broiler. The chicken eats the grass, weed, bugs, insects and other.
Broiler is white in color. It has middles single comb with double witted and white earlobes. The beak and the shank are white in color. The skin of the chicken is yellow.
The farmer harvests the chicken at 60 days age. At the time, the chicken weighs 2 kilograms. In my country, the farmer harvests the broiler in 40 days age. The consumer does not like heavy chicken. They likes small broiler which weighs only 1.3 to 1.6 kilogram. The farmer also like to harvest early because they will get benefit fast. Beside produce carcass, the broiler farm also produces manure and feather.

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