Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vulturine Guinea fowl (Acryllium Vulturinum)

The bird is horrible performance. It is supported with its red iris eye and the sharp bill. I thought this bird was predator, considering the sharp beak which is strong. The head is featherless like vulture bird. It is 61-71 cm tall and is 1.5 kg weight. It is the biggest guinea fowl. It is white spot black color.It has wonderful blue cobalt color feather in breast.
Unlike helmet guinea fowl, the vulture has not comb. It lives at African savanna. The origin of this bird is Eastern Africa. The vulture guinea fowl find food at savanna. In the night, they sleep at high tree to avoid the predator. Their diet is grain, seed, small insect, and others.It uses the sharp claw to find root, small insect, small reptile, rodent, at the land. It also eat fruit. People use to give chicken food to this bird.

Like helmet Guinea fowl, this fowl is prolific to. It can lay up to 20 eggs in a clutch. The egg color is creamy white. Sometimes two hens lay at one clutch. I think the bad mother board out to hatch her eggs. The hen will hatch the eggs for 28 days same like goose. The hen broody the chick.

Photo by: putneymark

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