Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to raise peacock

Peacock is a beautiful green bird. This is a famous pet bird too. Some people are successful to raise this bird at their backyard. They raise the bird as a game bird. Some farmer also sells the beautiful feather.

To raise this bird, you can do like this:

1. Prepare a comfort flock for this bird. Provide large enough coop for this bird. The bird also needs space to roam.

2. Do not forget to put waterer and federer inside the coop and flock.

3. Feed the bird with game bird pellet or other poultry feed. You can also give them cracked corn and meat. Like other fowl, peacock also like green and chopped vegetables.

4. Clean the flock periodically.

Before raise this bird, you should consider:
1. The area should be large. A peacock needs larger spaces than a peahen due to its long tail. A narrow space can damage the long beautiful tail.
2. The peacock fowl should be far from noisy. This bird is anxious and is easy to stress.

source: infomatigue

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