Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rosecomb : The oldest Bantam in the world

As guest its gets name, the chicken has beautiful rose comb. The earlobes is wide and white in color. The hen comb is smaller than the female. The rosecomb is ancestor of the sebright bantam whose the golden and silver laced bantam with rose comb
The body slim unlike the bantam but the weigh is very light. It weighs only 600 gram, while the female is only 400 grams. The variations color of the chicken is black, barred, white, mottled, lemon blue, splash and more.
Photo by: wikipedia

This chicken has black and white edge feather color. The chicken is only for exhibition due its small size and beautiful color.
The carcass is not good and the hens produce few eggs. The eggs is cream or tinted in color. The hen is declined to go broody. You have to find the broody hen or incubator machine to hatch the chicken eggs.
This chicken can fly so you need a roof for the chicken. The chicken can adapt well with winter though has wide comb.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scott Gray : Scotlandia dual purpose Chicken

Scots Grey is chicken that is developed in Scotland. It is also called Shepherd Plaid and Chick Marley. This is a heavy chicken, due to its weight 4 to 5 kilogram, while, the female is only 3.2 to 4 kilograms. The Scots gray is taller than the similar marks Plymouth rocks.
As guest its name, the chicken has steel grey barred color but it is different with barred Plymouth Rock. The barring is wider than the barred Plymouth Rock’s pattern.
It has wide single red comb with red earlobes. The skin of the chicken is white that is good as meat. People like white skin chicken.
This chicken good for backyard, due it is good forager. The chicken is also hardy that can adapt with bad climate.
The female can lay many eggs. The color of eggs is whitish. This chicken is considered as dual purpose breeder due it also produce taste meats. This chicken cannot hatch the chicken alone. The breeder should provide eggs incubator.
The chicken has been rising since 16th century. The chicken also influences Malays and Dorking chicken.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

American Swiss Modanine: Utility pigeon from United States

American Swiss Mondaine is an utility pigeon that has large body. The size is almost similar to King pigeon that produce high quality squab. As where its gets name, the pigeon comes from American or United States. United States had rule to develop this big pigeon. The breeder develop the pigeon from various pigeon such as Homer, Runt, and Carneau.

That is why the pigeon has similar looks to Carneau. The head is proportional to its slender body. The bill is medium and the nose is small. The bill is pink in color. The Mondaine feet is red and no feather.
The Mondaine raise for its juicy meats. The Squab that 30 days old is 450 grams in weight.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Java Super Chicken

As underdeveloped country, Indonesia is left behind United States or United Kingdom that have breed so many chicken breed. Indonesia has so many chicken landrace that is not efficient for poultry farm. The hen just produce 90-150 eggs in a year. It is far from commercial chicken layer such as White Leghorn or Rhode Island Red.
To overcome the problem, some breeder cross RIR, White leghorn, and Java Chicken. The Java chicken is different with Java America that has black color. The Java Chicken is higher than the RIR and white leghorn.

First, the breeder cross the Java Rooster with white leghorn hen to produce female parents. to produce the male parents, the breeders cross Rhode Island roosters with Java female. Then the breeder cross the female parent with male parent that produce Java Super. The performance of Java Super is not different with Java Chicken but the Super has fat body.
This is chicken is better than the Indonesia landrace but I doubt the chicken can reach the white leghorn or Rhode Island egg production.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carneau Pigeon : Utility Pigeon From French

As guess its name, Red Carneau is a pigeon that comes from Carneau, French. Beside red color, Carneau also has some variations such as white, black, and grey. The Carneau is a utility pigeon that people raise it for its meat or Squab. The breeder raise the pigeon chick only 30 days. Carneau has white pinkish skin.
The pigeon look is not different with its ancestor rock pigeon. It has small head, relative to its body. The beak is pink and short with small nose upper its beak. The eye is yellow in color.
The body is slender. It has wide breast that contain delicious meat. The feather is tight. The feet are red in color and there is no feather on it.

Carneau weighs 640 - 740 gram. It is two times of rock pigeon weighs or similar to bantam chicken. A 30 days Carneau chick weighs 330 -340 gram or half of its parent. The Carneau is a medium utility pigeon.
Since the new utility pigeon are found, Some people leave Carneau. They raise Carneau for exhibition bird not for utility bird.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grey Jungle fowl : South Indian Junglefowl that is grey in color

As guess its name, the fowl is grey in color and comes from jungle. This Phanasidae family comes from Indian and South Asian jungle. Its habitat is primary and secundary jungle. The Latin name for this species is Gallus Sonnerati, meaning the chicken of Sonnertai. It takes name the founder of this chicken Pierre Sonnerat.
The performance is similar to red jungle fowl. They have single wide comb that is red in color.
The feet is red or yellow in color. The male has spurs for fighting. The jungle fowl could run fast to avoid predator chase.
The size is not different with other jungle fowl, lengthening 80 cm from beak to edge sickle tail. The hen is only 38 cm in size. The hen lays 4-7 eggs in a clutch. Like most chicken, the eggs will hatch in 21 days.
The habitat of the chicken is jungle. It eats the edge of grass, leaf, fruit, and insect.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Palawan Peacock : Small Dark Peacok from Philiphine

As guess its name, this small beautiful bird comes from Palawan Island, Philippine. It is dark blue in color like blue peacock. This is the small size peacock, lengthening only 50 cm. It has long shelter that has similar pattern to Malayan peacock.
Photo by : Belgian Chocolate

It has small crested upper the head. The bird also has white face. There is red color in the wing. The male has more beautiful color, while, the female is dull in color.
Like other pheasant family, its diet is seed, grain, fruit, insect, and worm. They find those foods at the jungle floor.
They live at jungle in Palawan Island Philippine.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Malayan peacock : Small Peacock from Malayan Peninsula

Malayan Peacock is a family of pheasant (Phanasidae) that lives in Malayan Peninsula, Thailand, Myanmar, and Singapore. Unlike common peacock, this peacock has no long shelter with eye pattern feather but short tail. The feather is green and dark in color. Most feather has eye-like pattern in chest, wing, back, and tail. 
Photo by : Bob P&S

The beak is long and sharp like common chicken. The size is similar to common chicken, weighing 650 gram. While the female weighs 400 - 600 grams.  This bird live in primary jungle and secondary jungle.
The feet is strong and has four toes (three in front and one at back). There is no feather at the feet.
It eats  insect and its larvae like other peacock.
The male peacock is polygamy that has more than one wife. The female just lay one eggs only that will hatch in 22-23 days. That is why the bird become rare.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bantam Breeding Method

Breeding bantam chicken is not difficult. Some breeder can produce so much bantam chicken. There are some method to breed this funny chicken.
1. A pair of bantam
A Rooster live with a hen. This is not effective way or method to breed the bantam. A Rooster is not enough to have one spouse only. Sometimes the rooster bully one hen. If you find the bad rooster bully the hen, you need to separate it.
2. Breed in colony
Raise a rooster with some hen. A rooster can fertilize six hen. This is the efficient method. The rooster can keep the hen.
3. Breed in large group
If you have wide pen, you can breed some rooster and hen in one flock. The weakness that is each rooster will fight to get the hen. If you have wide pen, the looser rooster will run and they save.
The benefit of this method that you will produce various color chicken. The genetic of the chicken is not dominate by one rooster only.
4. Separated male and female
Some breeder separate chicken male and female. The breeder will joint the male and female for a moment only. The benefit of the method is the rooster could not bully the hen. Meanwhile, we are difficult to determine the right time to joint the chicken because we do not the fertile time of the bantam.
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