Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bantam Breeding Method

Breeding bantam chicken is not difficult. Some breeder can produce so much bantam chicken. There are some method to breed this funny chicken.
1. A pair of bantam
A Rooster live with a hen. This is not effective way or method to breed the bantam. A Rooster is not enough to have one spouse only. Sometimes the rooster bully one hen. If you find the bad rooster bully the hen, you need to separate it.
2. Breed in colony
Raise a rooster with some hen. A rooster can fertilize six hen. This is the efficient method. The rooster can keep the hen.
3. Breed in large group
If you have wide pen, you can breed some rooster and hen in one flock. The weakness that is each rooster will fight to get the hen. If you have wide pen, the looser rooster will run and they save.
The benefit of this method that you will produce various color chicken. The genetic of the chicken is not dominate by one rooster only.
4. Separated male and female
Some breeder separate chicken male and female. The breeder will joint the male and female for a moment only. The benefit of the method is the rooster could not bully the hen. Meanwhile, we are difficult to determine the right time to joint the chicken because we do not the fertile time of the bantam.
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