Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scott Gray : Scotlandia dual purpose Chicken

Scots Grey is chicken that is developed in Scotland. It is also called Shepherd Plaid and Chick Marley. This is a heavy chicken, due to its weight 4 to 5 kilogram, while, the female is only 3.2 to 4 kilograms. The Scots gray is taller than the similar marks Plymouth rocks.
As guest its name, the chicken has steel grey barred color but it is different with barred Plymouth Rock. The barring is wider than the barred Plymouth Rock’s pattern.
It has wide single red comb with red earlobes. The skin of the chicken is white that is good as meat. People like white skin chicken.
This chicken good for backyard, due it is good forager. The chicken is also hardy that can adapt with bad climate.
The female can lay many eggs. The color of eggs is whitish. This chicken is considered as dual purpose breeder due it also produce taste meats. This chicken cannot hatch the chicken alone. The breeder should provide eggs incubator.
The chicken has been rising since 16th century. The chicken also influences Malays and Dorking chicken.
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