Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grey Jungle fowl : South Indian Junglefowl that is grey in color

As guess its name, the fowl is grey in color and comes from jungle. This Phanasidae family comes from Indian and South Asian jungle. Its habitat is primary and secundary jungle. The Latin name for this species is Gallus Sonnerati, meaning the chicken of Sonnertai. It takes name the founder of this chicken Pierre Sonnerat.
The performance is similar to red jungle fowl. They have single wide comb that is red in color.
The feet is red or yellow in color. The male has spurs for fighting. The jungle fowl could run fast to avoid predator chase.
The size is not different with other jungle fowl, lengthening 80 cm from beak to edge sickle tail. The hen is only 38 cm in size. The hen lays 4-7 eggs in a clutch. Like most chicken, the eggs will hatch in 21 days.
The habitat of the chicken is jungle. It eats the edge of grass, leaf, fruit, and insect.

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