Sunday, June 12, 2011

Malayan peacock : Small Peacock from Malayan Peninsula

Malayan Peacock is a family of pheasant (Phanasidae) that lives in Malayan Peninsula, Thailand, Myanmar, and Singapore. Unlike common peacock, this peacock has no long shelter with eye pattern feather but short tail. The feather is green and dark in color. Most feather has eye-like pattern in chest, wing, back, and tail. 
Photo by : Bob P&S

The beak is long and sharp like common chicken. The size is similar to common chicken, weighing 650 gram. While the female weighs 400 - 600 grams.  This bird live in primary jungle and secondary jungle.
The feet is strong and has four toes (three in front and one at back). There is no feather at the feet.
It eats  insect and its larvae like other peacock.
The male peacock is polygamy that has more than one wife. The female just lay one eggs only that will hatch in 22-23 days. That is why the bird become rare.

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