Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Java Super Chicken

As underdeveloped country, Indonesia is left behind United States or United Kingdom that have breed so many chicken breed. Indonesia has so many chicken landrace that is not efficient for poultry farm. The hen just produce 90-150 eggs in a year. It is far from commercial chicken layer such as White Leghorn or Rhode Island Red.
To overcome the problem, some breeder cross RIR, White leghorn, and Java Chicken. The Java chicken is different with Java America that has black color. The Java Chicken is higher than the RIR and white leghorn.

First, the breeder cross the Java Rooster with white leghorn hen to produce female parents. to produce the male parents, the breeders cross Rhode Island roosters with Java female. Then the breeder cross the female parent with male parent that produce Java Super. The performance of Java Super is not different with Java Chicken but the Super has fat body.
This is chicken is better than the Indonesia landrace but I doubt the chicken can reach the white leghorn or Rhode Island egg production.
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