Wednesday, August 26, 2015

White earlobe’s chicken lays white eggs

My father said that the chicken that has white earlobes lays white egg shell. I thought it was true because some white earlobe’s chicken lays white eggs. For example, the famous chicken layer hen Leghorn which has white earlobes lays white shell eggs.
I also read that some white earlobes chicken lays white eggs such as houdan, campine, and else. I thought that my father was right. Then, I search some article chicken to make sure. I remember that the red Jungle fowl (Gallus Gallus) does not lay white eggs but brown. The red jungle fowl also has white earlobs.
The earlobes color of the chicken is not same to the egg shelled, meaning it is not a sign of the egg shell. The chicken that lays brown eggs has no brown earlobes. The Ameraucana that lays green or blue shelled egg also has no blue or green earlobes.
In my country people do not like white egg shell. They are prefer to brown color than the whte. That is why chicken farmer in my country do not raise white leghorn. They raise Hissex or Rhode Island as the layer hen.

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