Monday, August 24, 2015

Five Toes Chicken

How many the chicken toes? We must answer four. The chicken contain four toes that three in front and one at the back. Those toes are useful to find the food at the soil.    Many years ago, I have ever seen some chicken has five toes that is different to common chicken. My neighbor who also the chicken trades has at least five roosters which have five toes. The chicken is a landrace chicken which is also the Red Jungle Fowl Gallus Gallus descendant and the Rhode Island.
The chicken is not similar to ancestor because the red and the Rhode has four toes only. Perhaps the mutation occurs in the chicken. However, some chicken class has five toes such as :
1. Silky Chicken
The beautiful soft plumage chicken comes from Chinese. The chicken color is white, black, and partridge. Some breeders also produce the grey and blue variant. The Chicken has five toes. Some chicken has feathered shanks, but some others are not. 
2. Feverolles
The chicken is so large. Beside its beard, the chicken also has five toes. The chicken is big like Rhode Island redthat is raise for its meats or eggs
3. Dorking
The chicken from Britain but it is developed at German. The Dorking color is grey, silver, white and others. The chicken has five toes and it is a good meat producer.
4. Houdan
This is a uniquely chicken from French that is descendant so much chicken such as Dorking, Silky and Polish. The chicken has backward flowing crest up front its head. The size chicken is mid size. They have five toes like its ancestors silky and Dorking. The bird is raised as a show bird. 
5. Sultans
The chicken comes from Turkey that has five toes. The chicken has crest like the Poland Chicken. It

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