Sunday, December 12, 2010

Campine Chicken: Belgian Show Chicken

Campine is a chicken that comes from Campine region. Belgium. This is the exhibition chicken due its beautiful feather. The chicken has two color variations i.e. silver and golden. The silver has clean white silver color in neck, while the body color is black-green with silver hackles. The golden has similar pattern with the silver. The chicken is almost similar to Egyptian Fayoumi. The rooster feather is almost similar to hen. The rooster has saddle and longer tail feather.

This chicken is very nervous and it is difficult to hand the chicken. This is not good for backyard chicken.

This is a small chicken breed, weighing 2.7 kg for rosters and 2.3 for the hen in average. There is bantam type that is suitable for small cages. The bantam rooster is 680 gram in weigh and the hen is 570 gram.

Despite of its small body, this chicken lays many eggs. The hen can lays up to 250 eggs in a month. Unfortunately, the chicken eggs are not big as commercial chicken layer eggs.

Either the rooster or the hens have single wide color. It is uncommon for chicken because the comb reflects the masculine. Although it has wide comb, this chicken is hardy winter.  The chicken has double wattles and white earlobes. The pupil is dark in color. The feet are clean and dark in color.

Photo by : AlishaV

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