Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kediri’s Phoenix Chicken: Onagodori From Kediri, East Java

Kediri Phoenix gets its name from the city where the bird has been raised. Kediri is a municipal at east Java Province (Provinsi Jawa Timur). The breeder also named phoenix because its long tail like the phoenix bird. Actually, the phoenix is different to roosters because it cannot fly. The rooster’s tail feather could reach one meter in long. The tails is not long as the rosters. The hen tail’s is almost similar to common chicken. This bird is very special because its tail. No one can reach the bird. The color of the Phoenix is silver duckwing. The breasted and tail is black but the neck and the wing color is silver and red. The color is not different to Onagodori. There are nice red single comb at the head with double wattle. The rosters has bigger comb than the hen. There are white earlobes. The feet are green willow. The chicken is slim and it is for show bird. The Kediri is descendant of the Onagodori. We are not doubt about it. The breeder names it Kediri Phoenix because it is lived at the Kediri. Of course United States Poultry standard or any Poultry standard does not admire the Kediri because it is Onagodori. Perhaps the breeder also hybrid with Indonesia native chicken (I do not know it exactly) In my country, people name any species when they success breed at here. Of course the International does not recognize the breed as the new breed. In my country people do not think about name. They will give name that they think is very good for them. I do not also mind with it. The bird is expensive. A Kediri price could reach $100, compared for common chicken that is only $10.
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