Monday, August 17, 2015

Bantam Naked Neck hybrid

In my opinion, this chicken is the most geek in the world because the bantam has no feather on its neck. I think the looks will like small vulture or small guinea fowl. I never imagine cross the necked neck with bantam because it is useless. A bantam is chicken with a nice performance but necked neck has geek performance.
The hybrid that has large single comb but has no neck feather is very geek. The hybrid may has pea comb like the naked neck but it is small like the bantam. I think you will not raise the bird at yur house or your backyard. The price is not good too because there 

I think the chicken lover will not buy the chicken because it is very strange. Supposedly, they cross the bantam with other bantam such as silkie, sebright bantam, Belgian and others. The hybrid may produce a new beautiful bantam. You may cross the bantam to frizzle chicken to produce the frizzle bantam.
On the other hand, we can cross the necked neck with other big chicken such as game bird, Bangkok, and others. The naked neck is often crossed to game bird produce the bad game bird. 

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