Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My mother always cut the tail before release the chicken

My mother is a good chicken farmer. When she was young, she had hundreds local race chicken. When she has not money he sold some chicken. I never doubt her because she is a good chicken farmer. He raised also dozen Indian runner duck at the backyard that lays eggs everyday.
Sometimes she buys some chicken to add the chicken population at the backyard. Before she releases it to the free range, she cut the tail of the chicken. The chicken look weird after my mother cut it. Fortunately the tail grow and it better than before.
She said that the chicken will back to the house. Of course, I never believe it because it is just a suggestion. The chicken will back to the house as long we provide it with the enough chicken food. We also guarantee the security of the chicken house or pen.  
We do not have to believe that cutting the tail make your chicken recognize its home. However, cutting the tail will make your chicken “more beautiful” 

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