Monday, August 31, 2015

Brahma chicken : Heavy chicken from India

The chicken origin is Brahmaputra River, India. United States develop the bird become the large class chicken that has heavyweight. Roosters weigh 5.5 kilogram (12 pound), while the hens weigh 4.5 kilogram (9.9 pound). Beside as the meat producer, a Brahma hen is also a good winter layer. The egg’s weigh 55-60 g approximately. The color of the egg shell is brown. 

The Brahma is massive, stately and with upright carriage. They have short back. When standing, they almost appear to form V.
The head is large and has a small pea comb. The have double wattle and red earlobes.  
The color that United States standard accepted is light, buff, and dark. The Australia standard recognizes other color of Brahma such as, black, blue, barred, and crele. Brahma is also available in Bantam version which is smaller than the standard.
The chicken is tame and they want you to hold them. The are good at the free range.

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