Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kraienkoppe Chicken : the chicken from German-Netherlands border

The chicken comes on the border German-Netherland it has been originated from the country. The Netherland name from the chicken is Twents Hoen. The chicken is large enough, weighing to 2.5 kilogram (6 pounds) and the hen’s weigh is around 1.8 kilogram (4 pounds). The chicken performance looks like game fowl, which is high. It is not surprisingly that the chicken is similar to the game fowl because it is a descendent of Malays. A German breeder found the Krainkoppe in 1920and the chicken was shown 1925 in Germany for the first time. Though the looks like game fowl but it is not a game fowl. They are raise for the ornamental chicken or chicken show and as a layer chicken. The hen lays fair number white eggs and they will go broody too. You can raise the chicken at your backyard due its good foraging ability. The head is medium size, relative to its body. The beak is medium in size and the chicken has small pea comb above its head. The skin of the chicken is yellow. There are two variations of the chicken plumages i.e. Black breasted red and black breasted silver. The chicken is rare now.
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