Monday, September 10, 2012

Lahore Pigeon : Beautiful Pigeon From Lahore

As guess its name, this beautiful bird comes from Lahore Pakistan. Some writer said that he bird comes from Sharja.
The bird has unique color pattern. The upper body ( including head, back and wing) is dark in color but the lower body (neck, belly, tail, leg) is white in color. There are some various color such as black, red, brown, silver, blue barred, stencil, lavender and else.
The bird is easy to raise and it is good for beginner. People raise his bird as ornamental bird however some farmer also raise the bird for is meat. The bird is large enough.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to hatch Serama eggs: It is difficult to hatch Serama’s eggs

My friend said that he raise so many chickens. He has narrow flock at the roof. Actually his father mind with his small farms. He raise ornamental chicken only due it is more profitable than raising common chicken such as broiler, landrace chicken, or layer chicken. The price of ornamental chicken is ten time or more common chicken. That is why my friend love to raise the ornamental.
Rasing the Serama is not easy as I think. I thought i is very simple. This small chicken just need fewer food or space. The obstacles in Serama Breeding is the eggs. A Serama hen can lays maximum only five eggs a season. Some hen also cannot hatch the eggs. To overcome the problem, a hobbyist must hatch the eggs with small incubator machine.I just need 21 days until the egg hatch. Certainly you should raise the chicken until mature. You cannot return back the chicken to is parent because the parent did not hatch it.
You can also use other bantam to hatch the Serama. Some bantam can hatch its eggs such as dutch bantam, Japanese Bantam, and other. My friend use pigeon to hatch the Serama. I think we can use the pigeon but we should separate the Serama after hatch immediately.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Long shank bantam

A year ago I walked to a bird market to seek some chicken. I love to walk there because we can see chicken, duck, goose, and others. The bird market is a famous bird market in my hometown.
I saw an old man sit behind the stainless steel cage. He sell some Bantam Chicken and Serama Chicken. I interested the short Serama with rose comb. The color is golden laced in color. It is very small, weighing not more than 500 grams. There is also white serama at its left side. I asked the price of the bantam. He said that the bantam price was $ 200. In my opinion the price was high and I had no money to buy it. I thought the cockerel was cheaper than the cock. The cockerel is black tailed buff but I forget the color of two pullets. I think one of pellet is buff in color, while other pullet is white in color. The cockerel's tail has not yet grown because it was stil young. I dare asked the old man the price. He answered the price is $110.
I notice the chicken that they have longer feet than other bantam. I said to the old man that the chicken has longer shank.

Fortunately, He did not angry. He explained that the tail would grow and the feet would looks short. I did not believe it and I leave the old man with his chicken. I thought the old man cross the bantam to native chicken so the cockerel has longer shank. He must try cheating me.
A few month ago, I read the Japanese bantam chicken article. From the article, I know that the Japanese Bantam descent 25% longer shank bantam, 50 % short shank bantam, and 25% lethal gene. The old man is honest. He did not sale a bantam hybrid but it sold a higher shank bantam. Supposedly, he explained the matter to me so I would not accused him as cheater.
Though the old man honest but people do not like longer shank bantam. The Chicken performance is not beautiful as real bantam is. The price must be cheaper than the short bantam.
I think the Japanese still has the red jungle fowl that is higher than it. If we cross the longer shank with longer shank we may establish a new chicken breed that is almost similar to red jungle fowl.

Photo by : Carly & Art

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Schweizer Chicken, The Swiss Chicken

Swiss also has chicken breed that is called Schweizer Chicken. Schweizer is German language for Swiss. The bird was established at German-speaking area in Swiss at 1910.
The chicken is heavy. The rooster weighs 2.8 - 3.5 kilogram and the hen weighs 2.4-2.8 kilogram. The hen play 170-200 eggs a year. The egg is big enough, weighing 55 gram.
It is white snow in color. The shank is white pinkish. The plumage is thick. The sickle feather is perfecly curved.
It is a descendant of Wyandotte and Orpington Chicken. The Swiss rarely we found today. People may prefer other chicken breed than the Swiss.
The comb is big pea. Below the beak, it has double red blood wattles. The beak is horn in color.
The performance is almost similar to Orpington. It has round body.
Due its weighs and its egg production, this chicken is dual purpose chicken.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Royal Palm Turkey - The Newest Turkey breed

Royal Palm is the newest turkey breed that appears in 1920 in Lake Worth, Florida. The Turkey has wonderful black laced color. It is also called the Crollwitzer, Pied, or Black laced White. The white color domination the turkey plumage and there is a black bands.
The turkey is descendant from different turkey breeds such as Black, Bronze, Narraganset, and native turkey.
The Turkey is also heavy. The tom weighs 16-18 lbs and the hen weighs 10-12 lbs. Though it produce so much meat, but people raise it for ornamental at the small farm. The tom also tame and non-aggressive. That is why the turkey is fits for pets. The hen is also a good mother.
Photo by: mamamusings

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Bronze Turkey : Famous turkey that has grown two times

All of Turkey breed have been domesticated from wild turkey in America. Some Europe trader brought turkey to Europe. One of famous domesticated turkey is Bronze Turkey that has two types’ i.e. standard and Giant.

As guest its name, the Bronze has bronze plumage. The edge of tail feather color is white strips. The breast color is shinny black bronze. In my opinion, it is a most beautiful turkey.
The feather is not different to the wild turkey. However the domestication makes the bird fatter than the wild turkey. People loves broad breast so they just raise broad breast. The breeder also improves the meat quality and the growth. They want to produce the fast grow turkey.
The breeder cross the wild turkey to domesticated European turkey. They do it in order to get the heavier turkey than the wild turkey and the tamer turkey than the wild. The Bronze cannot mate naturally but the breeder should use artificial insemination. The breeder take the sperm and inject to the hen’s cloaca.
Photo by : luagh 45
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

White Holland Turkey : The White Turkey From Netherlands

It is a rare turkey breed which has snowy white plumage. I have seen a white Holland turkey hit George Bush Junior in a photo. The White Holland looks funny.
The white plumage is uncommon plumage color. The mutation occurs at the turkey plumage as the chicken also occurs too.
As guess its name, the turkey was domesticated at Holland or Netherlands. The United States imported the turkey at 18th century. The White has been accepted for the Turkey breed at 1874. Today, the white turkey is everywhere.

The helmet color of the turkey is blue and red. It has red blood wattle and there is beard below the wattles. It has horn colored beak. Shanks and toes are pinkish white. Like common chicken, it has four toes.  The bird has dark brown color eye but small white Holland has beautiful blue color eye. The blue is recessive gene so we difficulty see blue eye white Holland.
It is a heavy turkey, weighing up to 36 pounds and the female weighs 20 pounds. The size is lighter than the Bronze but people like it. Perhaps people do not like cook bigger turkey. The farmer loves to raise the white turkey. Some commercial farm raises the white at their flocks because the demand to the white is so high.
The turkey is also good for backyard. They can eat some grass, weed, or insect at there.
Photo by: jessicacareeder

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Japanese Bantam : Japanese Aristocrat Pet

Among of all bantam, Japanese Bantam may the most famous Bantam in South East Asia country such Indonesia and Malaysia. A Malaysia Bantam Breeder use the Japanese Bantam to produce the famous Serama Bantam. The Japanese heridate the short leg to Serama.
Some article said that the Japanese origin is Bantam (Banten Province, Indonesia). The Dutch trader introduced the Bantam to the Japanese aristocrat. In Shogun era, only aristocrat Japanese raise the chicken. After the modern era, any people can raise the chicken.
Japanese people also call it Chaebo. Since Japanese cannot pronounce “L" letter the chicken names may Chaebol or Cebol which means "Dwarf". Indonesian people said Cebol for everything that short including people.
A Pair of Black Tail White Chaebo

Since the Chaebo origin is Javanese, I believe the ancestor of the chicken is Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus Gallus).
However, Japan have been success to produce Japanese chicken that is more beautiful than its ancestors. The Indonesian Hobbyist also imported the Chaebo from Japan. We Called it "Katai Jepun". "Katai" is Malay for "Bantam" and "Jepun" is Malay for "Japan".
Japanese Bantam is available in various color such as white, black tail white, black tail buff, buff, and spotted. The white color is most common Japanese. All feather color is white. It is not recommended for lazy people who do not care to the chicken. The black tail white has almost white feather in color except the tail. The black tail is black bug in color. The Black tail Buff is also has black bug tail and buff color majority. The spotted is black with white small spot at the chicken.
The chicken has wide single comb above its head. The beak is medium in size. The legs is white in color and has no feather.
Japanese go broody so it can hatch it own eggs or other bantam eggs. The chicken is also friendly with other people.  That is why people like it very much.
Raising the bantam in your backyard is good to or you can raise it at pen. Due its small size, you do not need a large pen for it.
People raise Chaebo for ornamental only. We cannot eat this tiny chicken that weighs only 510 gram to 610 grams. The eggs is also small like other bantam.
The hen may go broody and good sitter but it bring the lethal gen. A quarter of chicken eggs are lethal means it dies before hatching. Around quarter of Chaebo descendent has longer legs. Do not surprised when you got your bantam chicken is higher than the parent. The Chaebo hen hatch 50% of "normal bantam" which has short leg.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Asiatic Chicken Breed

In Asian Continental, there are some chicken breed. Some chicken have big body and some others have beautiful feather. Some Breeder have used the Asiatic chicken to develop the best breed that has more meat. Here are the Asiatic chicken breed:

Aseels is an Indian chicken breed. This chicken has meaty carcass but the growth is slow; therefore, this bird is not suitable for meat production. The hen lays brown eggs like other Asiatic breed. It has a full breast. It has short and widely spaced shanks. The chicken looks very strong. This chicken is very aggressive to other chicken. The body is slim so it can move fast. It weighs only 6 pounds.

Sumatra is an Asiatic chicken breed from Indonesia. It has slim body which weighs is only 5-6 pounds. This is a descendant of red jungle fowl. It is red partridge in color like its ancestor. The hen lays few light brown eggs. In United States, the breeder developed Sumatra game bird from Sumatra. It is greenish-black plumage in color. Unlike the ancestors, the hen lays white eggs. This is only Asiatic breed whose has white eggs. The Black also has multiple spurs.

Malay is a chicken that has been developed in Malaysia. This chicken is for exhibition only. The breed produces few meats and eggs. The hen lays only 70 eggs in a year. The chicken has big head compared to its body and has a large skull with a cruel expression. Malay chicken is also called Sigun.

Brahma is an Asiatic chicken from India. As guest its name, the bird comes from Brahmaputra Region, South India, India. This is the heaviest Asiatic chicken breed which weighs 10 pounds. The hen weighs 6 pounds. Brahma Chickens have color variation, such as brown, dark, light, and other.

Langshan is a big chicken from Langshan, Chinese. It has full and long breast. The rosters weigh 9 pounds; while, the hens weigh 6 pounds. It has thick plumage. The recognized color of Langshan is black, blue, and white. Some country also developed this breed, such as, French, Dutch and British.

Cochin is a chicken from Shanghai, Chinese. It is a funny chicken due its rumpless (no feather tail). The feather covers the shank and toes. This bird is very docile and tame. This bird is suitable for pets and backyard chicken. The Cochins have many color variation; black, white, buff, barred, golden-laced, silver laced, and partridge. This breed also has bantam variation.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

White egg laying chicken breed

There are various chicken egg shield color, such as, brown, white, blue and green. Most chicken lays brown eggs. If you want white eggs, you need to raise the certain chicken breed. Here are the chickens that lay white eggs:

White leghorn. The bird comes from Tuscany, Italy. It is a small variety of chicken. The roosters weigh 6 pounds and the hens weigh 4.5 pound. The hen can lay up to 300 eggs yearly. This breed is suitable for commercial farm. The chicken is white solid in color. It has mid size single comb with two witted and white earlobes. The feet are yellow in color.

Brown Leghorn. This is the sister of White Leghorn. Unlike the sister, it cannot produce eggs as many as the sister. The roster is red partridge in color; while, the hen is dark brown in color. The neck and saddle color is red orange. It has single comb with six points, double witted and white earlobes.

This is a light type chicken. The roosters weigh 6 lbs; while, the hens weigh 4.5 lbs.

Californian White

This is a big white layer. The California is the descendent of White Leghorn and California Grey rosters. The Roosters weigh 7 lbs and then hens weigh 5.5 lbs. The performance is almost similar to leghorn. It has comb single with six points, double witted and white earlobes.

Buff Catalans

The bird origin is Catalan, near Barcelona, Spain. It is also called as Catalana, or Catalana del Prat Leonada, or just Prat. This breed is dual purpose chicken. The bird is black tail buff in color. This is a Mediterranean chicken breed that lays white eggs. It has clean shanks and comb middle single with six points.

Like other layer hen, the hens are unlikely to go broody. Therefore, you cannot use this chicken to hatch eggs.

Sumatra Black

Sumatra Black is a chicken breed from Sumatra, Indonesia. Although the chicken is black in color, the chicken lays white eggs. Unfortunately, the hen lays few eggs. This chicken is not suitable for commercial. It is black-greenish in color. The rooster has long feather tail.

Cemani Chicken

This bird origin is Java, Indonesia. Indonesian people call it "Ayam Cemani". It lays white eggs too. The hen can lay up to 250 eggs in a year. Unfortunately, this bird is very rare. Only few people care this bird. It is because the chicken has dark meat.