Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Royal Palm Turkey - The Newest Turkey breed

Royal Palm is the newest turkey breed that appears in 1920 in Lake Worth, Florida. The Turkey has wonderful black laced color. It is also called the Crollwitzer, Pied, or Black laced White. The white color domination the turkey plumage and there is a black bands.
The turkey is descendant from different turkey breeds such as Black, Bronze, Narraganset, and native turkey.
The Turkey is also heavy. The tom weighs 16-18 lbs and the hen weighs 10-12 lbs. Though it produce so much meat, but people raise it for ornamental at the small farm. The tom also tame and non-aggressive. That is why the turkey is fits for pets. The hen is also a good mother.
Photo by: mamamusings

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