Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Asiatic Chicken Breed

In Asian Continental, there are some chicken breed. Some chicken have big body and some others have beautiful feather. Some Breeder have used the Asiatic chicken to develop the best breed that has more meat. Here are the Asiatic chicken breed:

Aseels is an Indian chicken breed. This chicken has meaty carcass but the growth is slow; therefore, this bird is not suitable for meat production. The hen lays brown eggs like other Asiatic breed. It has a full breast. It has short and widely spaced shanks. The chicken looks very strong. This chicken is very aggressive to other chicken. The body is slim so it can move fast. It weighs only 6 pounds.

Sumatra is an Asiatic chicken breed from Indonesia. It has slim body which weighs is only 5-6 pounds. This is a descendant of red jungle fowl. It is red partridge in color like its ancestor. The hen lays few light brown eggs. In United States, the breeder developed Sumatra game bird from Sumatra. It is greenish-black plumage in color. Unlike the ancestors, the hen lays white eggs. This is only Asiatic breed whose has white eggs. The Black also has multiple spurs.

Malay is a chicken that has been developed in Malaysia. This chicken is for exhibition only. The breed produces few meats and eggs. The hen lays only 70 eggs in a year. The chicken has big head compared to its body and has a large skull with a cruel expression. Malay chicken is also called Sigun.

Brahma is an Asiatic chicken from India. As guest its name, the bird comes from Brahmaputra Region, South India, India. This is the heaviest Asiatic chicken breed which weighs 10 pounds. The hen weighs 6 pounds. Brahma Chickens have color variation, such as brown, dark, light, and other.

Langshan is a big chicken from Langshan, Chinese. It has full and long breast. The rosters weigh 9 pounds; while, the hens weigh 6 pounds. It has thick plumage. The recognized color of Langshan is black, blue, and white. Some country also developed this breed, such as, French, Dutch and British.

Cochin is a chicken from Shanghai, Chinese. It is a funny chicken due its rumpless (no feather tail). The feather covers the shank and toes. This bird is very docile and tame. This bird is suitable for pets and backyard chicken. The Cochins have many color variation; black, white, buff, barred, golden-laced, silver laced, and partridge. This breed also has bantam variation.

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