Tuesday, February 7, 2012

White Holland Turkey : The White Turkey From Netherlands

It is a rare turkey breed which has snowy white plumage. I have seen a white Holland turkey hit George Bush Junior in a photo. The White Holland looks funny.
The white plumage is uncommon plumage color. The mutation occurs at the turkey plumage as the chicken also occurs too.
As guess its name, the turkey was domesticated at Holland or Netherlands. The United States imported the turkey at 18th century. The White has been accepted for the Turkey breed at 1874. Today, the white turkey is everywhere.

The helmet color of the turkey is blue and red. It has red blood wattle and there is beard below the wattles. It has horn colored beak. Shanks and toes are pinkish white. Like common chicken, it has four toes.  The bird has dark brown color eye but small white Holland has beautiful blue color eye. The blue is recessive gene so we difficulty see blue eye white Holland.
It is a heavy turkey, weighing up to 36 pounds and the female weighs 20 pounds. The size is lighter than the Bronze but people like it. Perhaps people do not like cook bigger turkey. The farmer loves to raise the white turkey. Some commercial farm raises the white at their flocks because the demand to the white is so high.
The turkey is also good for backyard. They can eat some grass, weed, or insect at there.
Photo by: jessicacareeder

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