Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pigeon canker : a disease that can caused piegon death

Pigeon Canker is not similar to cancer. This disease is caused by flagellata Protozoa. The Protozoa often attack mouth and neck. Some canker also attack the pigeon liver and it could kill the pigeon dues the liver cannot work.
The diseases can infected the other pigeon. Fanciers should quarantine any suspected canker pigeon. The flagellate can move from the water. The sign of the diseases that the 
For the external canker, we can cure it by glycerin and iodine mix. You can stick at the wounded canker. You can buy the canker medicine at pet shop.
Canker make the bird is difficult to shallow the pigeon diet. The bird must be suffered with it. That is why the weight of the sick bird decrease. They are difficult to shallow the grain. It makes the bird apathy. For pigeon racing, they are lazy to fly.  Some bird is difficult to breath because the yellow stuff in pharyngeal.
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