Saturday, July 30, 2011

Famous layer hen chicken breed

People has been chicken for egg production. They build a in large scale farm. Eggs is delicious and good food for human being.

There are some favorite layer hen. People domesticated the strain for finding the best layer. When I college at animal husbandry, an office administrator in my campus challenged anyone to produce any hen which can lay two eggs in a day. Off course, he must be crazy. Rarely, we find a hen lays two eggs in a day. If a hen can lays two eggs, the second eggs must be damaged. It because the eggs is lack of nutrition. A hen need interrupted to lay. Here are some famous layer hen.

Photo by: Putney Pics

White leghorn Chicken
This is the most famous domesticated strain layer hen. Actually this hen come from Italy. The color of white leghorn is white, but other leghorn has variety color like buff, black, red, dark brown, light brown, black tailed red. light brown, buff columbian, barred, exchequer and silver. This hen can produce eggs up to 280 eggs a year.

Plymouth rock
The chicken is domesticated in New England, United States. The breeder cross dozen strain chicken to get Plymouth rock that can produce good meat and eggs. The color of skin is yellow. I have cared barred old Plymouth rock and it can lay some eggs. The color is beautiful especially the cock has the beautiful train tail. Plymouth hen can lay up to 285 eggs a year.

White Cornish
This is a good meat chicken. It weight could reach 8 lbs so it is enough for four people. The chicken look strong with wide chest like a bodybuilder. The plumage color is white, red, dark, and laced red. The White Cornish is risen for eggs and meat. It has beautiful plumage to and it is good for pet too.

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