Monday, August 1, 2011

Famous Homing Pigeon Breed

People use pigeon for racing for thousand years. Some hobbyist release the bird far from the house. They contend the bird to get the winner. The winner is the bird who first arrives at their house.

All pigeon can fly, but not all pigeon can fly fast. Only certain pigeon can fly fast. Here are pigeon bird that can fly faster.

photo by: ingridtaylar

American racing pigeon. This pigeon bird is dedicated as racing pigeon. The bird looks fat but it can fly fast. Most American racing color is blue bar. We also find other variations color

English Carrier. This bird is very tall. The tall is 7.5 inch unlike other racing. It weighs 20 to 23 ounces. The beak is long and there is a big wattle. There is no feather in their red feet. They have color variation including black, blue bar, dun, white and others. Today, people do not use English carries as racing pigeon. The hobbyist cares this bird for exhibition bird. This bird is dragoon descendant too.

Dragoon pigeon. The dragoon is a racing pigeon breed form English. It is believed the descendent of horseman and Tumbler. The color variations are white, blue-bar, dun, red, yellow and blue check. The beak shape like bullet and there are wattles below the beak. The owner also cross dragoon to get

Homing Pigeon

Homing pigeon is a breed of pigeon that specialist for racing . The breeder cross breed various pigeon to produce homing pigeon. This is the most famous pigeon for racing.

German beauty homing

This breed has big head, relative to its body. The breast is full and the tail is narrow. The beaks is wide with big wattles. The beak is almost similar to flamingo’s beak. It has long neck too like English Carrier. The feet are clean from feathers and red in color.

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