Monday, February 9, 2015

The Silver Arabian Chicken: The Braekel and Leghorn hybrid

In my country people knows the Arabian Chicken that produce abundant eggs. A hen of Arabian chicken can lay at least 160 to 250 eggs a year. It is better than the other native landrace. That is why the farmer love the chicken. The egg is more expensive than the common egg. The farmer sells as the kampong egg. People loves kampong egg because more health than the common eggs. The size is also small and it is free from the chicken medicine. People use is as traditional medicine. People believe that the body will be health when you eat so much kampong eggs. My brother in law, eat six kampong eggs when he feel tired. This chicken characteristic is similar to the Braekel rather than Leghorn. The sickle feather at neck is silver in color. The entire color of feather is black with silver laced. The characteristic of the chicken is very nervous. The chicken can fly for short distances. The chicken comb is single. The hen has also large comb but is smaller than the rooster. The pullet began lays at six month. To me the bird is also beautiful and the size is almost similar to bantam chicken. I want raise the chicken one day.

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