Monday, August 30, 2010

American Game Fowl

American game fowl is a famous American show chicken. This bird was beard as cock fighting or pit cock. The people have stopped use the bird for fighting since most states in US forbids cock fighting in 1800s.

The bird has small oval head like egg. The cock tail is so long and wide, relative to its body. This bird character looks like a fighter. Today, People care this bird for exhibition or show only.

This chicken is descendant of various game fowls, such as, Oriental game fowl, Irish game fowl, Spanish, Old, English and Sumatra. They have color variations such as white, dark brown, wheaten, red partridge, silver duckwing, golden duckwing and many more. The comb is red pea, small double witted and red earlobes.

The bird character is aggressive as their ancestors but it can be tame in hand owner. You should not care the game rooster with other rooster. The game rooster will bully the other rooster.

The chicken is well-adapt with cold climate or heat climate. They have high intelligent. They can survive in new environment. In Hawaii, Guam, and Keywest this chicken is becoming wild chicken that lives in street or woods. The egg production is medium (we do not the exactly). It lays white egg. The hens will go broody.

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