Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sumatra Chicken as utilize chicken

United States people recognize the Sumatra as the show bird because it is too small for meat chicken. The Sumatra has beautiful black hair and uniquely multiple spurs. Sumatra is also available in blue variation. The long tail grow and touching the ground.
In my country, where the Sumatra comes, people raise the chicken for the meat. This chicken is the red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus) descendant.   People raise the chicken in the free range. They just feed them with some rice, paddy, vegetables, and else. People leave the chicken sleep at the tree. 
When they want the meat, they catch the chicken at the night. Any chicken can see in the dark so it is not difficult to catch the chicken when dark.
In my country people do not think the chicken is so beautiful so they raise the chicken as the common chicken. The price of the chicken is similar to the common chicken of this chicken is not special to us.    The Sumatra are available on black breasted red, Black breasted green, white, red, white and black, and else
Some Sumatra has an aggressive character like Siamese Chicken. The Sumatra can lose the Siamese in Pit Cock. The price for Sumatra pit cock is similar to Siamese.
Some hobbyist imported the Sumatra from United States that is bit different to the Sumatra in my country. This imported chicken is so expensive. To be honest, I will not pay the Sumatra for the high price because I can get it with cheap price.

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