Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Large and Small bantam

In my country, Indonesia, the pet sellers divide the Bantam into two kinds: Large bantam and small bantam. The large are named for the bantam that has larger body than the small. Either the large or the large weigh is not more than one kilogram. I think the large size is similar to silkie bantam or Poland; while the small size is same as Javanese bantam or Japanese bantam. Some small bantam size is almost similar to Serama.
The small bantam is more expensive than the large. People raise the small because it is simple and more beauty. People said that the small is the pure bantam; meanwhile the large must be a bantam descendent. Some chicken lover crosses the bantam to others chicken such as broiler or local chicken. I have written some years ago about Japanese Bantam that bears the longer shank legs chicken. Around a quarter or 25% of the Japanese descendant has longer shank. The descendent is higher than the parents. The performance is not good as the parent. I love the Small because it is fun and I do not have to feed them with more chicken feed. I can also save the chicken feed. The small also need small space, we just need small coops or pen. We can breed the small at small space. The way of walk bantam is funny. Meanwhile the larger is also good too. The large must provide more meat than the small. It is not wrong to eat the bantam chicken because the meat is not different to other chicken. We can raise the large at the backyard as the meat reserves. I do not know what the standardization for the Indonesia Bantam is because we have no standardization poultry association in our country, not like United States or Great Britain. United States has a standard for the chicken bantam. The weigh mature chicken is not more than one kilogram. The wing is angle down, touching the land or floor. The size is small than the common chicken. Either United States or Great Britain does not categorize into large or small. United states just recognize real bantam or unreal bantam. Real bantam is the bantam that has no other varieties; while the bantam is derivation from the standard chicken. The breeder select the bantam from the standard chicken that the characters is almost similar unless its size.

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