Friday, May 13, 2011

Sussex Chicken : The Oldest dual-purpose chicken in England

As where it’s get name, Sussex chicken comes from Sussex, England. This chicken is believed as the first chicken breed in England. The chicken is a popular chicken breed in the world.

They have at least eight color variations such as, Brown, white, speckled, buff, light, red, silver, and coronation. The coronation color is the latest color of the Sussex; while, the white is the most rare Sussex.
The chicken has single wide comb and the earlobes are red. The eye is orange to yellow. The feet are yellow without feathers on it.

This chicken is so fat weighing 4.1 kg; while, the hen is only 2.5 kilogram. The cockerel or the teenage male is 3.5 kilogram while the teenage female is 2.5 kilogram.Due its heavy body, this chicken is risen for its meats beside the eggs. The skin si yellow that people likes it very much.

This chicken is good for your backyard.

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