Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to raise chicken with Fish

In my country, some farmer raises broiler chicken above the fish pond. The fish will get from chicken feces and also the chicken food that fall to the pond.
With this kind farm, the farmer gets benefit from chicken and fish. From limited land, they can raise two kinds animal that produce fish, chicken meat, and eggs. The farmer also raises layer chicken or landrace layer chicken that produces less eggs.
The fish the suitable for the pond is food fish such as carper, catfish, gourami, pacu, cichlids, and other. The best fish for this farm is catfish because it can stand with bad water. The fish is tolerance with high nitrate water that is caused by the feces. Catfish is also glutton fish that can eat anything. The farmer often feed the dead chicken. Some chicken died due to disease. The farmer burns the chicken and feed them. The catfish will attack it.
Some shrimp farmer also builds chicken coops above the pond. The farmer raises Vanamee shrimp that grows fast. They raise broiler chicken at the coops. In my country, they just raise broiler for 30 to 40 days only.
It is impossible to cover all ponds with the coops. The farmer should leave some spaces for the pond. The pond needs sun light too so the plankton can grow. Plankton is one of the fish foods.
The farmer also should limit the chicken. If the chicken produces more feces that fish can eat. It will harm to the fish.
The chicken needs strong pillar. The farmer usually uses stone or concrete for it. Some farmers prefer bamboo as the pillar that can stand up to five years. The farmers stab the bamboo to the pond bottom. The bamboo should be strong because they have to support the heavy chicken coops.
This farm may not cheap but it is cheaper than buying or renting a land.

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