Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicken for dummies: The basic books for beginner chicken lover

If you want raise chicken but you have no knowledge about it, you can read some book. The book explains about the chicken exactly.
First section, the book explains the joy of chicken. I like raise chicken because it can give us meat and eggs. How about you? Do you like chicken? If you do not like chicken, I suggest you not to raise the chicken. You will be mad after raise chicken.
The book explains about how to build chicken coops. Chicken coops are the most important part in raising chicken. Your chicken needs the house for sleeping or nesting. The book explains about the material for chicken coop or chicken pens.
Surely, you will get knowledge about chicken food. How many times we should feed them.
What kind chicken that is suitable for your backyard? There is some review about the chicken. Some chicken may be suitable.
The last part of the book contains the tips for keeping healthy and stress free chicken. it is important for the beginner who never raise any chicken.

I hope you can enjoy read the book. If you have no money, you can learn from my blog. This blog also provides some information about the blog.

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