Friday, May 6, 2011

Red Cap Derbyshire : Triple Purpose chicken from Derbyshire, England

Redcap Derbyshire is a Chicken breed from Derbyshire, England. The chicken is the dexcendant of so many chicken breed such as Golden Spangled Hamburg, Dorking, Old English Pheasant Fowl, and Black Breasted Red Games.
The Redcap has rose comb that is length 7 cm. The cap looks beautiful. Derbyshire color is black breasted red or partridge. The sickle feather is short like other England chicken breed. Both female has similar to its crescent tail feather.
It looks fat due its thick feather. The roosters weigh 4.1 kilogram and the hen weighs 3.4 kilogram. The young rooster or cockerel can reach weighs 3.7 kilogram, meanwhile the hen weighs 3.1 kilogram. This is a heavy chicken that can produce meat and eggs well. Due to its beautiful feather and crown, this chicken is considered as exhibition chicken.
It is docile and can adapt easily. This chicken is also good for your backyard. However, the hen does not go broody.

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