Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shepherd Alabio Duckat a Borneo Swamp

 Borneo people who live at Alabio municipal, Indonesia raise the duck at swamp, river, and rice field. They shepherd the duck at river. They can also shepherd the duck at paddy field when the paddy has no seed. The duck will determine the snail from the rice field. The farmer use raft to shepherd it. In the water, they can eat some little fish, shrimp, and others. The water is essential for the duck where they can bath or find food.
If the sun set, the duck should be home. The shepherd directs the duck to its pen. They use long bamboo to slap the water so the duck can go home. Sometimes a duck separate from the colony. The shepherd who also rafts man will find the duck and direct to the colony. The shepherd must be a clever man and he can shepherd hundreds duck.
The duck must need shepherd to protect them from predator such as hawk or snake head. A big snakehead could eat and bit small duck.
The duck pen usually not far from the river. The owner put the ladder to water so the duck can enter through the ladder. The owner feed the duck sago and snail. They crunch the snail with the machine.
In South Borneo, Duck is the popular pet. People like its meat and eggs. The duck is a good business in South Borneo. There is some restaurant that provides roasted duck or Kari duck.
The Breeder business also grows so its hatching business. Unlike other farmer, Alabio people do not use incubator or duck. They use paddy skin to hatch the eggs. The heat of paddy skin could hatch the eggs. They do not need electric or incubator machine.
The buyer of the duckling is other duck farmers or snakehead fisher. The snakehead use duckling to attract the snakehead. Certainly, the fisher will not sacrifice the duckling. After the fisher see the fish, The fisher use other worm as the bait.
The duck that is raised by Alabio people is Alabio duck. Alabio duck is also Indian runner which color is brown and chocolate. The male is more beautiful color. There is black-beetle color in the wing and the head. The head and feet color is black or orange. People believe this duck is descendant of Japanese duck and Peking duck.
Like other Indian runner, this duck is a good layer that can produce up to 250 eggs a year. 

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