Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to produce bantam chicken

Bantam Chicken is a miniature of chicken whose has shorter feet and lighter body than the standard chicken. Some bantam has been developed from standard chicken such as Rhode Island, Wyandotte, Plymouth rock, New Hampshire and more.

There are steps to produce the Bantam chicken. This is not easy ways to produce the chicken from standard chicken breed. You may find the difficult to do it.

1. Select the shortest chicken from standard type. Use this chicken for parent of the bantam. Find the shortest hen too.

2. Join the pair of the chicken and hatch the eggs. You can cross the father with the kid, grandson, or great grandson. Select the shortest descendant

3. Cross your chicken with bantam too.

Notes: Crossing the chicken with the descendant can decrease the quality of chicken. For example: A standard chicken can lay 200 eggs in a year. You cannot hope that the descendant can lays 200 eggs like the ancestor. Serama Bantam lays 5 to seven eggs only while the ancestor can lays 7-12 eggs.

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